Driving into the future

Think about a future where you wouldn’t have to move a muscle, sounds exciting right? Thanks to new inventions and innovations, it is becoming possible for this to happen. Yes, inventions such as the airplane, smartphone, television, and computer have made our everyday lives easier. But what about a self driving truck? Would you be open to the new creation?

On Tuesday, Uber announced that it would be allowing its self driving truck to drive across Arizona. In February, the truck was sent to drive seven miles without someone riding along and returned  safely.  By the end of 2018, Starsky expects to be making driverless deliveries. Missy Cummings, an engineering professor at Duke University, called for a “vision test”.  While being tested some signs could be  mistaken for others due to clarity. In conclusion, Starsky said that its vehicle was ready for public roads with no traffic and selected areas.



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