Your Path

One way or another we come to a time in our lives where we are unsure. We don’t know how or what the next step will be. Life is like a mystery. You do not know who will be in your life, where you will come from, or what events will take place, but it will be up to you to find your outcome. Simply doing the minimal pleases some and putting in a little extra time pleases others. There will always be those who take the gift of life and make it harder or discourage others. Through our life span in this universe, we will always be on a path. This path is completely bumpy, hard, dark, and frightening. There is only one way that mankind can have a clear path. It is through HIM! If we could look past our selfish ways and follow HIM, our paths will be brightened! It’s so hard for us to try to come closer to our God because we become too distracted. We think that we can make our own paths clear and solve our own problems, but this is not true! We wonder why we spend so much time on a path that is unclear instead of trying to make it clear with the help of HIM! In this twenty first century, we can become blinded or drawn away from HIS glory, but HIS glory remains since the beginning of time. We don’t all have faith in the same thing, but we all live in a modern day world where we make plenty of choices. You have been to a point where you say “just in case this doesn’t work out and I’m wrong, I’m going to do this as well.” So why can’t we do that with the LORD? We know that our path is dark so why can’t we say “just in case” HE can do what HE said HE could I’ll have some faith. We look to everyday humans who are as lost as us, to solve our problems, when HE can make our path straight!


3 thoughts on “Your Path

  1. Uber jon

    Well spoken… Such maturity at a very young age… Keep on keeping on.. Only great things will come to you if u choose to continue on this path… Im proud of you..

    Liked by 1 person

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