Nature or Trash can

A few days ago I went to a close by park. I was so excited to see wildlife in its environment. I love nature, but when I saw all of the pollution in the water and in grasslands, I was astonished. As we walked, I saw fast food bags, napkins, beer bottles, and even shoes. I didn’t expect to see shoes in a pond! I began to see an immense amount of trash! This was a vital topic to write about because animals and plants live in an area that we decided to pollute. My younger sister simply said “it looks like someone used the pond as a trash can.” If a five year old can spot out the truth about nature, why have we done nothing  to change? Walk for a while, take in what you see and question. We are so used to seeing something as simple as a chip bag or soda bottle laying in the grass that we no longer question if it’s wrong. It’s simple. It’s wrong. It’s pollution. Please think before you use our beautiful world as your personal trash can.


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