How is the Peace in Your Existence?

Quiet, soft curious minds

One out of one million thrive to have inner peace

Is your happiness joy?

Can you obtain the mood of a tree?

Are you observant?

Do you reflect what God has given you like a pond

Are you one with nature?

Can you read a story from looking outside?

Do you seek for more?

How is the peace in your existence?


Born of Honey

Thy born of Honey

Take away the sorrow from the leaves

Be known throughout every pond, stream, and midst

Thy born of honey, allow thyself to be radiant

Be beautiful enough, enough for every gland in you

Your happiness spreads through every corner and edge of our atmosphere

Thy born of honey, don’t die unsweet

Stranger in the DARK

Stranger in the dark, somehow you are apart of me

You make me myself

Every ounce of what you long ago created represents what has become even greater than what we know to come

Stranger in the dark, where do you lye

How do you process fading memories?

Does your light glisten?

Even if it doesn’t, does it flicker or flash?

Do you know your story?

How did you get here?

Why were they the way that they were?

Were they even what they were told to be?

Stranger in the dark, what I am to know of you shall never perish

It is vital for my mind to understand God’s will

Stranger in the dark, how are you?

Will I beam through you?

Will you beam through me?

I could hear you talk for hours, though I’ve never heard your voice

Stranger in the dark, you separate me

I was once and am always going to be divided

The first thing that people notice about me is because of you

Stranger in the dark, are you drifting from God?

Are you close within the angels wing?

Stranger in the dark, how much longer can I grasp a grain out of an entire field?

Like a gardener, you have planted several flowers

I survived because of the sun and I am trying to get  back to the one who watered me

Stranger in the dark, I long for you not to be a stranger in the dark



The Little Things

There is a path that you are on

Enjoy the time before it is gone

Person, after time, after place

Have you ever considered to slow down on your race?

Think of the little things that happen every day

Maybe they are objects or kind things people say

What you want in life costs money

But what you need in life costs you

Appreciating the little things opens your eyes to what you never knew

This is a great life only if you believe that everything is a blessing from above

So enjoy the little things because the little things are worth the most love



Joseph’s Journey

At school, we have been learning about Joseph. The bible talks about how Joseph’s life was rewarded because of his will to trust in God. Joseph was one of several siblings but was loved the most. He was given special treatment, a coat of many colors, and he didn’t have to work as hard. God showed favor over Joseph’s life, but his brothers didn’t like how Joseph was honored. So, they tried to commit homicide because of their indignant jealousy. When they were going to allow him to die, they saw slave traders that were available. Joseph’s brothers ended up selling him into slavery. Joseph ended up being one of the best slaves, to a prisoner, to Pharaoh’s second in command. He went through a lot during his lifetime, but what I like about Joseph is that he never questioned God. He followed God by having faith and working his hardest no matter what was happening. In life, you are going to go from one hard journey to another. Do you have the faith of Joseph?

The Horrific Flood in India

Since Wednesday in Kerala, India, a horrific storm has taken the lives of many people. This Indian state is filled with rivers that have overpowered towns. Dharamvir Singh is one of several people who is saving lives. Rafts made from banana trees are being used to rescue families. Civilians are trying to evacuate the severe flood waters.  Some residents do not have access to food, clean water, or bathrooms. The Indian Government of National Disaster Response Force is trying its best to save lives. In Peringara, Kerala water came up to six feet. The NDRF tried to locate one elderly man who needed oxygen. He was “located in the middle of nowhere” but was eventually found in time. In this time of need, we have to pray for these people because they are our brothers and sisters. They are related to us because we are all apart of the human race. Always remember that God is much bigger than what we want. He is not Santa Claus, so we should not have a wish list. He is the Great I Am who answers prayers and who blesses those in need. We just have to take the time to pray for and help others because God showed favor over our lives. One day we will need the same prayer and help returned back to us, because we are all climbing the same mountain, just on different sides.

Novel Report- Auschwitz

One of the books that I have read this summer is titled Auschwitz. It tells the true story of Dr. Miklos Nyiszli and how he gets taken into a Jewish concentration camp. While being in the camp he survives because of his knowledge in the medical field. He soon learns that there is more than one way to be executed in the treacherous camp. Dr.Nyiszli works alongside Dr. Mengle who is also known as the angel of death. Miklos tries to examine bodies so that Dr.Mengle can try to uphold the Aryan race and find the differences in people with who don’t have the same physical appearances. He ends up finding his family and finds a way to freedom. I do recommend reading Auschwitz because it emotionally and mentally informs you of some of the events that took place during World War II.