I have a Dream….

I have a dream

A dream that has been controversial since the beginning of time

A dream that no matter what race, religion, gender, or social hierarchy, that we will have peace with our neighbors

I have a dream that this world will be judgment free and that everyone will have forgiveness in their soul

A dream where hurt people don’t hurt people

A dream where we not only believe in Christ, but follow Him

A dream where instead of the love of money being the root of all evil, the love of giving is the root of all purity

I have a dream of people caring for one another even when they feel that they don’t have to

I have a dream that people in need not only receive but contain hope in their heart

A dream where teachers take the time to be patient with their students; A dream where teachers don’t give up; A dream where more teachers teach about Him

A dream where leaders of the world pray to Him before making decisions

 I have a DREAM that this DREAM will become a REALITY


The “Monday Off”MLK Day

Most kids know that on the upcoming Monday there is no school.  I know for sure that a few pupils at my school just think of it as a day that we don’t have to go to school. The reality is that next Monday is the national holiday, Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Day. There is an importance to recognize this individual who represented human dignity in a time of segregation. Dr. King believed that all humans are entitled to equal rights no matter what race. Maybe your family celebrates this holiday, maybe they don’t. In class, my teacher asked two questions,”How many of you recognize his impact? How do you think Dr.King would want us to celebrate this holiday?” I agree with my teacher when I say that Dr. King would probably want us to celebrate him by being in school where segregation isn’t present and where we can value diversity along with equality. Maybe he would want us to take a day to discuss how far we’ve come since the civil rights movement and what we could improve. What do you think?


What a puff to see in the midst of wonder

A blanket that captivates my curiosity

A swarm of them cover the world with great pulchritude

Billows surround me, billows surround life and it’s a marvel

I watch the thunderhead hasten across the sky

Even it enthralls me and is graceful

At the crack of dawn in the indigo, nebulous puffs rise to make a day of fog and cumulous sights

The sky’s murky mists are God-Given renditions





The Upshot of the Ocean

You pull me in

The midsts of your gaping billows create a flux that my body deeply inhales

My mouth is curious for the brine of you

The offing of you fills my mind with peace and thorough intensity all at once

Although a wave of your entirety cools my skin with one touch

The current presence of your warmth fills my heart

A tide has passed over my soul and I truly understand

In result of you, I truly understand your impact of my understanding

The Difference

Bright Blue, Seeing you

Two different powers multiplied by a ton

A new friendship has begun

Tell me of your mind, We look behind

We look around to all things near and far

Opposites that live under one star

Show me, show me

Show  me the universe

YOUR universe

Take me in

I will follow, I will lead

We don’t see what we need

But we care, care to listen

So let us sparkle and let our light glisten


Born of Honey

Thy born of Honey

Take away the sorrow from the leaves

Be known throughout every pond, stream, and midst

Thy born of honey, allow thyself to be radiant

Be beautiful enough, enough for every gland in you

Your happiness spreads through every corner and edge of our atmosphere

Thy born of honey, don’t die unsweet