Even when we know we can’t, we try

No matter how much time goes by, we try

We have the hope and courage to continue to do all that we can

Even when things aren’t given to us easily by hand

No one has ever been successful by only having success

You may doubt yourself and claim that you are worst than the rest

You will struggle, fight, and fall down

You will come to a point where you hit the ground

But continue to try because anything worth doing is worth doing well

Come on, fight! Break out of your shell

You are worthy and let no one tell you any different

If you don’t try, you will miss it

Wouldn’t you want the greatest reward that life had to give

You will receive it if you try and joyously live



Walk that road and don’t look back

Keep on running because life is an everlasting track

You never know what’s ahead until you go from step to step

        And when you reach your goal you’ll think about all the memories that you’ve kept

Drive your car like it’s the farthest you’ll ever go

If you don’t achieve something now, you’ll never know

Keep taking bites to see how much food you can eat

Keep battling even when you fall to our feet

Take advantage of all the opportunities that you have

If you’re reaching for success, just continue to grab

Because if you don’t you will miss out on everything that you could have been

If you don’t put in the time, effort, and passion you will never win

So again, walk that road and don’t look back

Because you will prove the world wrong and give it your biggest smack


Back to Catastrophe

In July of 2019, Haitian citizens are expected to have to flee the U.S because the Temporary Protected Services(tps), will be terminated. Rather the hurricanes or earthquakes we all know the damage caused in Haiti. Haiti is still left in ruins. Native Haitians just need a place to recover. In New York 30% of people are forign born Haitians. This is just an example of how the U.S is a recovering place for so many immigrants. It would be frightening  to go back to a country and start a new life with the little that is left after a natural disaster.

Cool kid or Classic geek?

What is your group, or who are you considered as in school? Nerd, jock, geek, popular, cool, class clown? Several kids can answer that question in a heartbeat. Sometimes, all that matters is whose party you went to or who you sit with at lunch time. Who decides who’s cool and who’s not? We need to value that we are all unique in many forms, but it is important that we don’t criticize others for being different. Maybe that “loser” who sits in the back of the class or alone at lunch has a really amazing talent, but simply no one has welcomed him yet. As kids, we judge other kids on their abilities to do what is “cool”. We have not thought of each other as all being friends, and not judging differences. Let’s put an end to putting ourselves in groups! Let’s not tease and call one kid nerd, but the other cool. We were all given different talents and special gifts. We should learn from each other and not criticize.

Technology is taking over!!!

About 7 times a day we are scrolling on Facebook, Snapchat, or Musically. I’ve noticed that whenever I’ve gone to public places, and there is no communication, people are sliding  their thumbs down a phone. There is no doubt that technology is the future, but people are on it all day! Technology is advancing and everyone wants to try the new app, or watch the most popular YouTuber. We have chosen our phones rather than savoring true moments that are worthy to us each day. Intead of taking a picture of your new outfit when you walk into a building, how about greeting people and learning more about them. Over social media we all expect to impress each other and show others what we have, rather show them what we have inside. It’s not our cool pics or a new pair of Jordan’s that people should notice. People should notice and value our character and true qualities we share with them.


How do you feel about having a label?


What race or ethnicity do you label yourself as? People in this world will describe you by the color of your skin. Human beings were not meant to have labels like foods in grocery markets. How do you feel about just being in the white isle? I mean, it’s not like you came out of your mother saying, “I’m black and your white”! No! We are all just people! People created to live in a world and love each other. If we didn’t have to label ourselves, identify ourselves, and pick a box to check, we would all be one, together as people. We must rip the labels off! It’s like a boot. The foot is the soul, the sock is the skeleton, and the boot is the skin. Without the foot the boot is nothing and can’t even move! Let’s stop judging people by their boot, and more by their foot! The foot is who they really are.

The tragic storm

Imagine having a normal day, going home after a day at work or school, and then the next day there is a major flood. This is what happened to people in Texas! When I first saw this on TV I was in awe of how several people were trying to survive this horrid storm! Just imagine being put in that terrible situation. How would this natural disaster effect your life and the lives around you? You may think that all civilians are okay, but some are trying to find help for themselves and their families. One lady is on a flight to safety and does not know what she will do or where she will go when she reaches her destination. It was heartbreaking to watch so many people who need help. They are in my prayers and I hope people get well soon.