My first book of August was titled Roller Girl. Roller Girl  is a New york Times bestseller that teaches you the value of real friendship. I loved reading Roller Girl personally because of all of the exciting, adventures that take place in Astrid’s life. You will go on a journey to find that those who appear to be closest to you can forsake you at any time. Astrid is a pre-teen battling life’s toughest situations when her best friend Nicole finds other friends. She is learning to work hard and to definitely stand out from the crowd. All it takes is motivation, rainbow bite, blue hair, and a little extra practice to become asteroid the Roller Girl.



We think that we know the basics.

What grandma taught your mom and what she taught you.

But isn’t it foolish to think that we don’t have the wisdom to discover what we never knew.

We do so much wrong, but can’t search for what’s right.

Why can’t we be wiser and put up a fight?

Know that our choices not only affect us, but everyone else.

Easy, because we only care for those with a value as great as ourself.

If we were all given a simple test, we would consider others incompetent if they failed unlike the rest.

That’s how life is.

You talk and gossip because you think that you did it the faster way.

When the other person has only had the experience of a day.

How can we call someone incompetent if that would make their self-esteem worsen?

Any wise man would know that common sense is a perception of judgement until you’ve been that person.


Summer Reading

As we all know, the back to school season is starting. Even though school is beginning, August is also known as a summer month. Therefore summer reading should not cease. From my experience of reading this summer, I have read very entertaining and eye-opening books. If you are searching for books to read, here is my summer reading list.

Sisters- Sisters tells the story of two sisters who can be complete opposites. They learn from each other and go on great adventures.

Auschwitz- Auschwitz is a true story about a man named Dr. Miklos Nyiszli. He is a Jew and gets taken into a Jewish concentration camp. He becomes a privileged prisoner due to his knowledge in the medical field.

Smile- Smile takes you on an adventure of a middle schooler who has trouble making friends. Raina had a terrible accident that led her to have dental work. Will she learn the ways of life and how to smile?

The Silent Boy- The Silent boy tells the story of a girl named Katy who has a friend that never speaks. She discovers why he remains silent, and knows that he isn’t as simple-minded as people think.

EL Deafo- Cece has trouble with her hearing and eyesight. She is self-conscious, but uses her disabilities as a superpower.

The Fourteenth Goldfish- Ellie is figuring out middle school. She is trying to find her passions and knows that she does not fit in. All it takes is her elderly fourteen year old grandpa to push her out of her comfort zone. What journeys will they go on, and will they believe in the possible?

The Fault in our Stars- This book is mentally and emotionally breathtaking. Hazel is battling cancer and feels alone. Watch Hazel Grace fall in love and learn that she is important.

Counting by 7’s- Willow doesn’t know what hits her when her parents die in a sudden car crash. She is a genius who takes on one challenge at a time and makes friends along the way.

Past and Present

Today is the day in 1945 that an atomic bomb was dropped on Hiroshima, Japan. This event was decided by President Harry S. Truman. This changed the course of several lives ,and was one of the most vital and historical events to take place in world history.

Toxic algae in Florida is killing thousands of fish. This event is taking such a tragic turn that the governor called an emergency order. This harmful red tide has lasted longer than any in the past.



New challenge, New change

Our destiny is never far out of range

Ideas, choices

50% chance of knowing what to do

Your outcome all depends on you

We grab pride like a toy on a shelf

As age comes, we blame all but ourself

We think that we know but we never will

We need to face what is real


Starting Today

I appreciate those who take the time and write

Those who try to put up a fight for words

They face a struggle

Try to get their points clear, even no one wants to hear

Makes you listen with every rhythm, word, and beat

And will they rise and not just to their feet

But with every saying, rhyme, and lyric

Just so simple people like us can hear it

Only a fool thinks he is a genius

Half of the world doesn’t even believe this

We need young writers to come and inspire us

So that we can make desires for us

We need to use our own words in the right way

So that we can advance tomorrow starting today